1. What’s it for?
It’s a system enhanced tool to make everything simple and save your time. Try to use for some time, and you will like it when you are familiar with it.
You can use the float button action to replace navigation operations. It’s more powerful and productive than assistive touch button on iOS.
You can search everything, translate, and share screenshot … with a very simple crop action. Simple is powerful.
And fast access to news, weather, app manager, web, files … with simple gestures. Try to find more.

2. Cannot find the float button?
Run the app, follow the guide to grant the “Float Window” or sometimes so-called “Draw over other apps” permission for it, it will show on the edge of the screen.

3. Can I Edit position of/Hide float button?
Sure, long press and find the choice.

4. The float button shows and later disappears
Find which task manager/killer app(such as Samsung inbuilt smart manager) has killed it, add it to the white list.

5. I cannot find all the features to fulfill Product Manager Achievements.
Actually it has more power than thought, some features will appear in some special cases. Use more, and you will find it later.

6. I’m using Android 4.4(KitKat) or below, I cannot screenshot.
Due to system limitations below Android 5.0, you can only screenshot in fooView app itself. Features without any limitations for rooted devices is in the development.

7. The icon is not big enough.
Change size from settings.

8. In long press app switcher, I cannot find the wanted app.
There are two lines. sorted by app frequency and sorted by time (that is recent app list). You can “pin” at most 6 important apps here (Click the fooView icon, long press an app in the bottom list)

9. Your next plan?
Working for next version, another “Aha” is in the development.