1.5.5 2024.1.5 Changelog

1) Update To Android SDK Target 33(Google Play version)

2) Can Switch To Normal Activity Windows Besides Floating Windows

3) Add ES Classics Theme For ES File Explorer 15 Years

4) Support New Search Engines and Translate Engines, Such As ChatGPT, YOU, …

5) New Files Feature Such As Authorize Folder List, Keep Scrolling Position, …

6) Fix Google Image Search & Google Instant Search Issue, Fix Ad Filter Incompatibility With WebView

7) Optimize OTG, Media Scan, Disk Usage, Customize Tasks, Permissions, Multiple Screenshots..

8) Some UI Adjustments

9) Many Other Minor Improvements for Compatibility, Security and Performance

1.5.1 2023.3.21 Changelog

1) Update To Android SDK Target 31.
2) Application Switcher, Improve UI, Support Customized Gestures.
3) Player, Immersive Mode, More Edit Options such as Speed, Resolution, Size…
4) Text Selector, Use 2nd Finger to Switch Text & Image Selection.
5) Multiple Screenshot, Optimize Memory Algorithms.
6) File Manager, Optimize Disk Analysis Algorithms, Support Link Files, Optimize OTG function.
7) App Manager, Support for Multiple APKs.
8) UI Improvement, Swipe Down Window Button to Close Window, More Apps Card.
9) Browser, More Search Engines, Update User Agent List.
10) Voice, Support Local Voice Engine.
11) Dozens of Minor Improvements for Compatibility, Security and Performance.

1.5.0 2022.7.5 Changelog:

1) Update To Android SDK Target 30. All version uses 64-bit, If you need 32-bit, please check official website

2) Enhance Text Recognition

3) Enhance Search, Improve Search Performance, Supports Instant Search, Wiki card, Add Dozens of New Engines, Includes Github, Instagram, Linkedin, Netflix, Weibo, etc.

4) Supports Chromecast

5) Add Many Settings such as Lock Screen, Default Browser, …

6) Improve Compatibility on Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, …

7) Others 100+ Improvements on Calc, Player, Multiple Screenshot, Video Recorder, Floating Icon, Floating Window, OTG, Keywords, Thumbnail, Search, Net Drive, Auto Task, Permission, Browser, Note, Free-form Window, …. 2022.1.17 Changelog:

1) Update To Android SDK Target 29

2) Enhance Text Recognition

3) Video Record Control

4) Freeform App Window

5) Media Library Add Media Scan Feature, Media Folder

6) Video Player Supports Audio Track, Audio Extract, Background Play

7) Support More Search Engines, Include Facebook, Twitter, Brave, StartPage, IMDB etc.

8) Float Window Bar Menu, Pin App In Share Menu

9) Support Import Auto Task, Shell Supports Shizuku Commands

10) Theme Improvements & AERO Effect

11) Whitelist Settings For UA, Ad Filter, Web Open Apps

12) Dozens of New Settings & Hundreds of Minor Improvements

V1.4.6 2021.5.12 Changelog:

1) Improve Android 11 (Android R) Compatibility, such as File Access Declaration, Access Android/data, etc.

2) Themes: Improve Themes & Use Round Corner

3) Optimize Barcode & Text Recognition

4) Task: add some Actions, such as Branch, Click Position, Get View id/Color, Set Volume, Record Task Log, Get Activity, Set Floating Ball, etc.

5) Video: 3X Speed & Long Press Forward, Video Directions supports Sensor/Video/System, supports Icon mode in FV Video Player

6) Image: supports Inverse & Mirror, optimize Resolution & Startup Time

7) Screenshot: optimize Long Screenshot

8) Dozens of other improvements, such as improve Scrollbar, supports Empty Watermarks, Edit URL Button, etc.

1.4.5 2020.12.30 Changelog:

1) Floating Icon Supports Other Shapes

2) All-one-search Supports Customization

3) Support Multi User Account Mechanism

4) Notes & Clipboard Supports Select Key On Keyboard

5) Show Property Window When Installing APK

6) Select Dialog Supports Search & Multi-Select

7) Fix User Reported Issues Since Last Version

8) Dozens Of Other Improvements Such As Dark Mode, Video Window etc. 2020.9.30 Changelog:

1. Dark Mode (Web Dark Mode only for System Webview Android 10+)
2. E-ink Theme for E-ink System
3. Update to Android 10 API
4. Compatibility for Android 11, and Some Systems
5. Update to Latest AndroidX UI Library (2M size)
6. Keep Data under data/data instead of /sdcard/.fooView
7. Free Form App Window (Only for Standard System)
8. Update Samba
9. Multiple Select for Ignore List
10. Fix FV File Explorer Reported Issues
11. Add Some Engines such as Yandex Translate
12. Upload Task Size Limitation changed to 10M (Former 100k)
13. Customize Favorites Card
14. Many Optimizations such as Long Screenshot, Browser Menu, etc.

1.4.4 2020.6.2 Changelog:

1) Double Speed in Player
2) Support Shapes in Video Editor
3) Support Website Icon Thumbnails
4) Support DeepL Translator
5) Support Tenor GIF search
6) Use Uniform Notification Style
7) More Features in Task Folder
8) Support Floating Icon and Window Actions in Task
9) Support FV Video Player and Editor App with Built-in Codecs
10) Register FV Save To Save Files
11) Many Other Improvements.

1.4.3 2020.4.5 Changelog:

1. Add Search Widget & Search Action
2. App Select Dialog Supports Multi-select,Search Sort,System apps
3. Update Samba & Webdav implementation
4. Image search support SAO, Tinyeye
5. Task Supports Folder
6. Dozens of minor improvements and bug fixs

1.4.2  2019.12.30 Changelog:
  1. Can Edit Text Share Custom Suffix (Watermark)
  2. Support Multiple Accounts For Cloud Drive
  3. Update Google Drive API
  4. Fix Some Compatibility Issue On Android Q
  5. Optimize Long Screenshot
  6. Support DataURL In Download Manager
  7. Add Show on Lockscreen Params For Start App Action In Task
  8. Optimize Drag Action When Editting A Task
  9. Fix Null Result When JS Code Param Is Null In Task
  10. Add Recomm And Theme Link In Settings
  11. Remove Floating Window Icon On YouTube Web Page In Lucky According To YouTube Guideline
  12. Don’t Hide Keyboard When Clipboard Shows
  13. Remove Useless Tilt In File Explorer
  14. Fix Night Mode Issue In File Explorer
  15. Rotate Screen According To Device Orientation In File Explorer
  16. Many Other Minor Improvements
1.4.0  2019.11.3 Changelog:
  1. Compatibility:
    1. Update To Android 9.0 API
    2. Work With Android Q Release
    3. Support Edge Gesture On Android Q
  2. Themes:
    1. You Can Set Or Download Themes From Recommendation Menu Or Themes Menu
    2. Add Blackgolden Theme
    3. Add Blue Theme
    4. Add Plasticine Theme
  3. File:
    1. Improve Webdav Implementation
    2. Optimize Samba Plugin
    3. Can Download Separate Normal FV File Explorer Now
  4. Many Minor Improvements
1.3.0  2019.9.1 Changelog:
  1. Search Engine:
    1. Supports Quant, Ecosia, Toutiao
    2. Add Default Setting
    3. Support Voice Instruction ”Search“, Such As “Search Weather In Google”
    4. Support Local Search Engine Such As ”Google Maps“ App
  2. File:
    1. File Chooser Dialog Supports Sort, Search…
    2. Support Samba 2.0
  3. Compatibility:
    1. Use 64-bit Library For Google Play Version(APK Size +6M)
    2. Work With Android Q Beta6
  4.  Task:
    1. Add Some Actions
    2. Can Choose Global Tasks On Share Platform
  5. Many Minor Improvements
1.2.0  2019.7.31 Changelog:
  1. Floating Window:
    1. Text, Screenshot, Video Recorder Result Window Supports Pin
    2. Improve Video, Music,Playlist And Widget Window
  2. Clipboard:
    1. Merge Setting
    2. Support Merge By Selection Order For Note
  3. Android Q:
    1. Support Record Internal Sound On Android Q
    2. Support Edit Media
    3. Support GIF
  4. Screenshot & Recorder:
    1. Text To Barcode
    2. Set Shake Sensitivity
    3. Add Long Screenshot Button On Screenshot Result Dialog
    4. Support Recorder Continues When Screen Off
  5. Many Minor Improvements
1.1.0  2019.7.4 Changelog:
  1. Voice:
    1. Support Voice Instruction, Including Actions, Tasks, Applications, Modules, Search, Translate
    2. Support Text To Voice For Text
  2. Video Player:
    1. Support Subtitle Format As .srt, .ass, .stl, .ttml
    2. Gesture For Video Player, Volume, Brightness, Progress, Pause/Continue
    3. Gesture For Moving Window
  3. Floating Window:
    1. Drag Titlebar To Move Window
    2. Support Drag Files Among Windows List
    3. Keep Position, Switch Focus, Drag To Close
    4. Improve Windows List
    5. Support Minimization Gesture
  4. Floating Icon:
    1. Customize Line,Height, Width, Color, Style
  5. Task & Action:
    1. Some Close Window Actions
    2. Replace The Selected Texts On Paste
    3. Preview And Edit Gesture
    4. Add Share Task To Text/Image/Video Menu
  6. Compatibility & Performance:
    1. Add Guide For MIUI (Please allow “open in background” permission for FV, because MIUI system has modified your permission settings from Cloud)
    2. Improve App Switcher Using Cache
    3. Support Appcache For Webview
  7. Many Minor Improvements
1.0.1  2019.5.22 Changelog:
  1. Floating Window:
    1. Support Minimized,Can Drag, Tap, Long Press
    2. FV Viewer Opened In Floating Window By Default
  2. Network:
    1. Support OneDrive
    2. Show Download Speed, Progress, Time
    3. Can Import Some Non-Standard HTML Into Favorites
    4. Improve Lock Browser Window
  3. Keyboard:
    1. Support Paste On Cursor Position
    2. Add Change Keyboard Action
    3. Support Paste On Any Textview (FV Developer mode Or Have Write_Secure_Setting Permission)
  4. Compatibility:
    1. Support Android Q Beta2 Storage Access
  5. UI:
    1. Improve GIF icon performance
    2. Improve Share
    3. Auto Dodge On Keyboard
    4. Set Text Size In Note
  6. Many Minor Improvements  2019.4.9 Changelog:
  1. File:
    1. Batch Rename
    2. Batch Unzip
    3. Add Ignore List
  2. Web:
    1. Import/Export Bookmarks From/To HTML
    2. Support Bookmark Folder
    3. Setting For Web Page Writing Clipboard
  3. Compatibility:
    1. Improve Bar Scanner
    2. Improve OCR Algorithm
    3. Improve Widget Fit Size
  4. UI:
    1. Improve Menu
    2. Switch Window By Swiping Title In Lock Mode
  5. Many Minor Improvements
1.0.0Pre 2019.2.28 Changelog:
  1. Performance:
    1. Improve OCR, Watermark, Backup, Lock Screen… Algorithm
  2. Clipboard:
    1. Add Notepad,Support Text, Image, Video,
  3. Widget:
    1. Support Widget Card & Widget Group Card On Home Page
    2. Support Widget In App Switcher
    3. FV Widget: Floating Icon Switcher
  4. Batch Operations:
    1. Support Multiple Select/Two Fingers Select In File Chooser Dialog
    2. Support Multiple Select In App Message In Task
    3. Can Play A Folder
    4. Image Slideshow
  5. Task:
    1. Support Sort
    2. Add Many Actions, Such As Stop Task, APP Update Message, Notification…
    3. Add Click Through, Long Press Power Key, … In Gestures
  6. Text/Image Selector:
    1. Support Select Image Using Floating Icon In File Preview/Screenshot Preview/FV Viewer
  7. Many Minor Improvements 2019.1.11 Changelog:
  1. Task:
    1. Dozens Of New Actions On Screen Gesture,Calculator,JavaScript,Shell Command,Media Control,File,Clipboard, Dialog…
    2. Support Upload Tasks To “Shared By Others” Platform
    3. Many Improvements
  2. Search:
    1. Support Full SD Card Search
    2. Optimize Search Performance
    3. Add Context Menu In Global Search
    4. Optimize Disk Analyst Performance
  3. Long Screenshot:
    1. Support Original Resolution
    2. Add Handle On Edge When Selecting Region
    3. Support 20 FPS For GIF
  4. Many Minor Improvements On UI, Clipboard, File, OCR, Translate… 2018.11.28 Changelog:
  1. Long Screenshot:
    1. Optimize Long Screenshot Solution (Need Advanced Accessibility, Please Send Bad Cases To feedback@fooview.cn To Optimize)
    2. Crop In Preview
  2. Main Window:
    1. Adjust Layout (Defaults Cards Include Quick Access, Picture, File & Tasks)
    2. Add Quick Access Card (It’s For Icons.  All Cards Can Be Folded)
  3. Search:
    1. Calculate Basic Expression
    2. Support Yandex Image Search
  4. Task:
    1. Share & Import Tasks
    2. More Interfaces For Sub Tasks, Activity Parameters & Screen Actions
  5. Many Minor Improvements 2018.11.7 Changelog:
  1. Main Window:
    1. Long Press Menu For Card Items
    2. Transparency Setting
  2. Clipboard:
    1. UI Adjustments, Can Move
    2. Support Multi-Select, Two-Fingers-Select
  3. Task:
    1. Add Variable, List, Activity Message And Some Interfaces
    2. Can Add As Home Card
  4. Many Minor Improvements 2018.10.22 Changelog:
  1. Main Window:
    1. New Toolbar
    2. Floating By Default
    3. Can Resize & Switch Full Screen From Two Corners
  2. Screenshot:
    1. Auto Long Screenshots (Require Advanced Accessibility)
    2. Support Multiple Horizontal Screenshots
  3. Recorder:
    1. Record By Ratio
  4. Many Minor Improvements:
    1. Some UI Improvements 2018.9.30 Changelog:
  1. Browser Module:
    1. Translate Webpage With Google Translate
    2. Support Websites With Google OAuth
    3. Enhance FV Downloader & Multiple Windows
  2. Compatibility:
    1. Compile With Android P 9.0 SDK
    2. Compatible With Display Cutout
  3. Gesture:
    1. Swipe Up The Icon On Edge And Pause To Move
    2. Add Action: Open Quick Setting Area
  4. Screenshot & Recorder & Player:
    1. “Not Show fooView Icon When Recording” Setting
    2. Can Delete Screenshot In Multiple Screenshots
    3. Watermark Supports Using Current App Icon
    4. Add Lock Option For Local Player When Playing In Fullscreen
    5. Optimize Result Dialog UI
  5. Many Minor Improvements:
    1. All-in-one Search Includes FV Clipboard Contents
    2. Change Default Icon Size To 120%
    3. Change Some Theme Icons 2018.8.27 Changelog:
  1. Text Selector Module:
    1. Support URL Title Preview
  2. Theme Module:
    1. Support Theme Package (More Themes Will Be Published Later)
    2. Background Settings
    3. Use SVG For Some Icons
  3. Interface Module:
    1. Support Long Press App Icon For APP Shortcuts Menu (Android 7.1+)
  4. Many Minor Improvements. 2018.7.6 Changelog:
  1. Accessibility Module:
    1. Support Two Accessibility Options. All Current Features Are In Basic Version.  Some New (Android 7.0+ Only) Gesture Features Are In Advanced Version. You Can Switch To Basic Version If Have Problem In Advanced Version.
  2. Task Module:
    1. Add Some Actions Such As Waiting Dialog, Click Button, Screen On, Get Clipboard, …
  3. Many Minor Improvements. 2018.6.21 Changelog:
  1. Compatibility Module:
    1. Update Target To Android 8.0 API According To Google Policy
    2. Ask For Permission Only When Runtime
    3. Fix Compatibility Issue on Xiaomi, Vivo, Transsion, etc.
  2. Theme Module:
    1. Add Dark Theme
  3. Guide Module:
    1. Improve Guide
  4. Many Minor Improvements. 2018.4.25 Changelog:
  1. App Switcher:
    1. Support Adding More Apps
    2. Optimize For Single Hand Mode
    3. Merge Regional Video Recorder & Video Recorder
  2. OCR Module:
    1. Improve ~50% Performance
  3. Backup Module:
    1. Support Backup & Restore Settings
  4. Customize Module:
    1. Add Settings When Hiding As Line
    2. Support Content/File Protocal When Sharing/Openning Files
  5. Task Module:
    1. Merge Action Module Into Task Module
    2. Support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS… Actions
  6. Many Minor Improvements. 2018.3.27 Changelog:
  1. Task Module:
    • A new module, Preview version
    • Support Adding Customized Tasks On Home Window
    • Support Combinations Of Action, App, Text, File, Web Page, Flow Control, System Message
    • 4 Task Demos
  2. Many Minor Improvements. 2018.2.7 Changelog:

It comes to Pre Release from V0.9.

  1. Windows Module:
    • Support Multiple Floating Windows
  2. OCR Module:
    • Support Google Online OCR
  3. Video Module:
    • Play List
    • Support Bitrates Setting For Recorder
  4. Translation Module:
    • Support Google Instant Translate
  5. Floating Icon Module:
    • Add Quick Setting Switch For Android 7.0+
  6. Many Minor Improvements. 2018.1.16 Changelog:
  1. Watermark Module:
    • Support Adding Watermark On Image/Screenshot/GIF & Recording/Editing Video
  2. Screenshot Module:
    • Support Recording GIF & Video
  3. Video Module:
    • Support Filter
  4. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.12.22 Changelog:
  1. Music Player:
    • Support Playlist
    • Show Current Playing On Homepage
  2. OCR Module:
    • Add 70+ Language Packs For Auto Text Recognition
  3. Compatibility:
    • Some Works On Samsung, One Plus, Huawei,Xiaomi
    • Some Works On Android 8
    • Fix Android Emoji Cannot Zoom In Case
  4. Other Minor Improvements:
    • Support Ringtone Chooser Etc.
    • Support Intent.ACTION_WEB_SEARCH
    • Optimize Multiple Windows
    • High, Middle, Low Icon Position 2017.11.28 Changelog:
  1. Image Editor:
    • Support Shape, Fill, Font Setting, Transparency, Arrow
    • Support Pickup Color
    • Support Paste When Add Texts
  2. Video Editor:
    • Save As Different Bitrates, Resolution
    • Update Preview When Modifying Timeline
    • Audio Control
  3. Favorites Module:
    • Support Edit Categories
  4. Text Selector:
    • Treat URL As A Whole
    • Support Auto Scroll
    • Support Fast Scroll
  5. Download Manager:
    • Max Threads Up To 32
    • Auto Rename Files With Same Names
    • Search In Download Manger
    • Fix Download Fails On External SD Card
  6. Other Minor Improvements 2017.11.12 Changelog:
  1. Music Editor:
    • Support Merge, Split, Preview Music
  2. Downloader:
    • Support HTTP, Mutiple Threads
    • Manage Downloaded Files
    • Manage Download Progress
  3. Video Editor:
    • Support Add Music Into Video Without Music Track
    • Edit Multiple Videos At A Time
  4. Action Module:
    • Support Record Notification Panel On Android 7.0+
    • Support Record Gesture On Android 7.0+
  5. Other Minor Improvements 2017.10.23 Changelog:
  1. Browser Module:
    • Add Ad Filter Settings
    • Support Force Zoom For Web Pages(5.0+)
    • Support Set Thumbnail
  2. Main Window:
    • Use Statusbar
    • Swipe From Right Edge To Search
    • Size Changer Moved To Top-Right Corner
    • Support Thumbnail For Keywords
  3. Video Editor:
    • Support Insert Pictures
    • Support Insert Music
  4. Gesture Module:
    • Add FlashLight
  5. Other Minor Improvements 2017.9.25 Changelog:
  1. Main Window:
    • List UI Update To Card UI
    • Tag Update To Keywords Card
    • Improve Performance
  2. Video Module:
    • Support Video Merge, Cut, Add Text, Mute, etc. (Android 4.3+)
  3. Browser Module:
    • Add Forward, Find In Page, Open In Background Menu
    • Add Incognito Mode
    • Support FTP Link
    • Support User Agent Switch
    • Confirm Before Downloading
  4. Other Minor Improvements 2017.9.13 Changelog:
  1. File Module:
    • Support Long Press & Drag
    • Support 2nd Finger To Select Interregional
    • Add Directory Tree In Address Bar
    • Add Subscript On Buttons To Show Default Value
  2. App Switcher Module:
    • Support Group
  3. Search Module:
    • Input Path To Open Path
    • Support Local Song, Artist, Album Search
  4. Action Module:
    • Can Add Shortcuts To Home Screen
    • Improve Compatibility On Different Devices
  5. Other Minor Improvements 2017.8.23 Changelog:
  1. Hide List:
    • Support Hide Globally Manually
    • Improve Hide List With Auto Learn Rules
  2. Video Module:
    • Improve FV Player With Gesture Controller
  3. Other Minor Improvements
    • Fix Compatiblity Issues On Samsung, Huawei 2017.8.21 Changelog:
  1. Hide List:
    • Simplify Hide List
    • Can Hide For Current Window (Activity)
  2. File Module:
    • Can Move On External SD Card On Android 7.0+
    • Add Share To FV To Save Feature
    • Can Edit Images On External SD Card
    • Optimize Samba & Webdav
  3. Application Module:
    • Can Add To Favorites
  4. Many Minor Improvements 2017.8.10 Changelog:
  1. Lucky Module:
    • Add Camera For Quick Recognition (Android 5.0+)
  2. Main Icon Module:
    • Support Text Recognition When “Drag To Select Image”
    • Support “Drag To Select” In FV Image Viewer
  3. Clipboard Module:
    • Add FV Clipboard Interface, Can Share To FV Clipboard
  4. File Module:
    • Add “Hide Short Duration Music” Menu
    • Add Rename Button In Property
  5. Text Selector Module:
    • Add Merge Keywords Menu
    • Add Sort By Select Order Menu
  6. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.7.20 Changelog:
  1. Main Icon Module:
    • Support Drag To Select Image
    • Support 2nd Finger Touch To Cancel Select
  2. Clipboard Module:
    • Support Image
  3. Text Selector Module:
    • Add Select By Words Mode
  4. Translate Module:
    • Add Some Translate Engines
  5. Search Module:
    • Add Many Search Engines
    • Use Icon Mode
    • Add Sort By Frequency
  6. Gesture Module:
    • Support Vibration Feedback
  7. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.7.3 Changelog:
  1. OCR Module:
    • Update Libraries And Recognition Algorithm
  2. Search Module:
    • Add Some Image Search Engines
  3. Gesture Module:
    • Add Settings For Long Press/Double Tap/Swipe
  4. Guide Module:
    • Improve Guide
  5. Compatibility Module:
    • Fix Issues On Samsung S8/S8+, Huawei
  6. Library Module:
    • Inbuilt Some 3rd Party Libraries For Zip, Samba…
  7. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.6.11 Changelog:
  1. Action Module:
    • Support Text Parameter
    • Support Select Window Manually
    • Support Add Time Interval
  2. Theme Module:
    • Add Night Mode Menu & Settings
  3. Search Module:
    • Add TinEye Image Search
  4. Browser Module:
    • Support Slide Down From The Title To Show Window List
  5. Recorder Module:
    • Support Shake To Pause (Android 5.0+)
  6. Image Module:
    • Add Bottom Buttons
    • Add Rotate Menu
  7. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.5.11 Changelog:
  1. Clipboard Module:
    • Support New, Search, Sort, Group By, Pin…
    • Can Change Height Of Clipboard Window
  2. Gesture Module:
    • Support Record Actions
    • App Switcher And Gesture Uses A Same Action Chooser
  3. Search Module:
    • Support Keywords History
  4. Main Icon Module:
    • Add Keyboard/Notification Panel Settings In Hide List
  5. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.4.23 Changelog:
  1. Image Module:
    • Improve Image Editor
  2. Main Icon Module:
    • Support Fling To Hide Icon
    • Add Percentage Settings
    • Show As Line On Keyboards Or Notification Panel
    • Support “Show Last Notification” Action For Gesture
  3. Screenshot/Recorder Module:
    • Improve Shake To Stop Recording
    • Support Preview For Multiple Screenshots
  4. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.4.10 Changelog:
  1. Image Module:
    • Quick Image Editor
  2. Video Module:
    • Support Full Frames GIF (For Short Videos)
  3. Main Icon Module:
    • Support GIF Icon
  4. Screenshot/Recorder Module:
    • Support Shake To Stop Recording
    • Improve Video Recorder
  5. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.3.24 Changelog:
  1. Browser Module:
    • Support Fullscreen Video In Web
    • Add Settings For Allowing Web Page To Start App
    • Support Hide Title Bar
  2. Image Module:
    • Support Zoom In To Original Size
  3. Video Module:
    • Video –> GIF
    • Support Video Floating Window
  4. Main Icon Module:
    • Add Settings For Enabling Drag & Paste
    • Support Slideshow
  5. Screenshot Module:
    • Support Auto Scroll Screen
    • Improve Screen Stitching And Video Recording
  6. Clipboard Module:
    • Long Press Paste For Paste & Send In Some Apps
  7. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.3.13 Changelog:
  1. Floating Window Module:
    • Support Resize & Move All fooView Windows (Drag/Tap The Corner)
  2. Search Module:
    • Support File Tag Search
  3. Screenshot Module:
    • Auto Stitching In Multiple Screenshots
  4. File Module:
    • Support Create File/App Shortcuts
    • Preview Unknown Format Files With Inbuilt Viewer
    • Support Path History In Copyto Dialog
    • Support Remote Path In File Chooser
    • Show Property For Link File
  5. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.3.01 Changelog:
  1. Image Module:
    • New GIF Creator
    • Support Sort/Group By Resolution
  2. Video Module:
    • Show Video Thumbnails As SlideShow
  3. Screenshot Module:
    • Create GIF
  4. Search Engine:
    • Support Giphy GIF Search
  5. Gestures:
    • Swipe Up To Open fooView And Again To Minimize fooView
    • Swipe Up In fooView Gesture Merged Into Swipe Up Gesture
    • Tap In fooView Gesture Merged Into Tap Gesture
    • Improve Gesture Recognition
  6. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.2.20 Changelog:
  1. Clipboard Module:
    • New Clipboard(Drag And Input(5.0+),Drag And Share)
  2. Main Icon:
    • Support Drag Icon To Paste
    • Support More Gesture Settings:Paste, Clipboard, Recorder, Screenshot…
  3. Text Selector Module:
    • Support More Apps
    • Support Texts On Overlap View
    • Support Paste On Screen, Trim Space From Number…
  4. Screen Recorder Module:
    • Support Save On External SD Card
  5. UI:
    • Add Vietnamese/Czech Translations
  6. Performance:
    • Optimize Memory Usage
  7. Many Minor Improvements. Changelog:
  1. Text Selector Module:
    • Support Text Selector In FV Browser
    • Support Text Selector In WebView(37+)
  2. Gesture Module:
    • Add Shortcuts In Gesture Settings
  3. Translate Module:
    • Support Google Translate App Window Mode
  4. File Module
    • Show Checksum
    • Add FV File Chooser
    • Support Zip Without CRC
    • Support Devices Without /Sdcard
  1. Many Minor Improvements. 2017.1.5 Changelog:
  1. App Switcher Module:
    • Support Shortcuts
    • Support Current Activity
    • Support File/Folder
    • Support fooView Favorites
  2. Cloud Module:
    • Support Baidu Cloud(Web Version)
  3. Guide Module:
    • Improve Guide
  4. File Module:
    • Support Unzip On External SD Card
  5. Security Module:
    • Support 3rd Party Lock Screen Apps List
  6. Many Minor Improvements. 2016.12.25 Changelog:
  1. Main Icon:
    • More Size Settings
    • Add Transparency Setting
    • Add Setting For Long Press Quick Start
  2. Search Module:
    • Can Add Customized Search URL
  3. App Module:
    • Add Disable Menu(Only For Rooted Devices)
  4. Screen Recorder Module:
    • Improve Root Screen Recorder(4.3+)
  5. Guide Module:
    • Improve Guide
  6. Many Minor Improvements.
0.8.3 2016.12.16 Changelog:
  1. Main Icon:
    • New Text Selector
  2. File Module:
    • Support List By Group
  3. Screen Recorder Module:
    • Support Root Screen Recorder (Android 4.3+)
  4. Guide Module:
    • More Guide
  5. Many Minor Improvements.
0.8.2 2016.12.06 Changelog:
  1. File Module:
    • Support OTG(FAT32 & Read Only NTFS)
    • Fix Some Root Compatibility Issues
  2. Gesture Module:
    • Support Screen Lock Action
  3. Main Icon:
    • Improve Hide List
  4. Many Minor Improvements.
0.8.1 2016.11.24 Changelog:
  1. Main Icon:
    • More Gesture Settings (Can Set Actions For Gestures)
    • More Hide List Settings (Can Set Hide Mode For Each App And For Full Screen)
  2. Guide Module:
    • Add More Information In Guide
  3. Cloud Module:
    • Can Add LAN By Scan
  4. UI:
    • Support Arabic Language
    • Support RTL
  5. Many Minor Improvements.
0.8.0 2016.11.15 Changelog:

It comes into Beta period now

  1. Sort Module:  Improve Sort Dialog
  2. Guide Module:  Improve Guide
  3. Browser Module:  Add Context Menu (Save Image…)
  4. Performance:
    • Improve Search Performance
    • Optimize Memory Usage
  5. UI:  Add Danish Translation
  6. Many Minor Improvements.
0.8.0Pre 2016.10.26 Changelog:
  1. Main Window:  New Multiple Window
  2. Search Module:  New All-in-one Search Panel
  3. Screenshot Module:
    • Support Shapes In Multiple Screenshots
    • Enhance Resolution  In Multiple Screenshots
  4. Video Recorder Module:  Support Shapes In Regional Video Recorder
  5. Many Minor Improvements.
0.7.9 2016.9.26 Changelog:
  1. Main Icon:
    • Add Last App Switch Option For Single Tap
    • Add Double Tap Settings
  2. Cloud Module:
    • Support Samba Plugin
    • Support Webdav Plugin
    • Support Yandex
  3. Size:  Reduce APK Size
  4. App Module:  Add Clear Default Settings For ‘Open File’
  5. Long Press Module:  Can Pin At Most 8 Apps
  6. Many Minor Improvements.
0.7.8 2016.9.13 Changelog:
  1. Video Recorder Module:  Regional Screen Recorder In Long Press Menu
  2. Homepage Module:
    • New UI
    • Can Be Customized
    • Can Add Desktop Shortcut
  3. Cloud Module:  Support FTP (FTPS/SFTP) Client (Add From Homepage)
  4. Handwriting Module:  Can Be Used In Any Module
  5. Many Minor Improvements.
0.7.7 2016.8.31 Changelog:
  1. Video Recorder Module:  Add Touch Feedback Settings
  2. Image/Music/Video/Document Module:  Support Group-By
  3. File Module:  Support FTP Server(Manage Your Device Files On PC)
  4. Guide Module:  Add Hints For New Users
  5. OCR Module:
    • Optimize Recognition Algorithm
    • Result Window Can Be Folded
  6. Cloud Module:  Local Cache For Images For Better Performance
  7. Some Minor Improvements.
0.7.6 2016.8.23 Changelog:
  1. Long Press Module:  Add Video Recorder Button (For Android 5.0+)
  2. Guide Module:  Update Guide
  3. File Module:
    • Support Webp Format
    • Support Ignore Small Size Pictures
    • Add Open Button In Preview Window
  4. App Module:
    • Support Apk Management
    • Support List Mode
  5. Main Icon:  Can Customize Action For Click
  6. Web Module:
    • Use Refresh Menu Instead Of Pulling To Refresh For Better Performance
    • Register As Browser In The System
    • Long Press Back For History
  7. OCR Module:
    • Can Download Language Library Under Non-WiFi
    • Add Download Progress
  8. Search Module:  Use Https For Google
  9. UI:  Add German Translations
  10. Some Minor Improvements.
0.7.5 2016.8.4 Changelog:
  1. Long Press Module:  Support Handwriting Gesture Filter
  2. File Module:
    • Support Google Drive
    • Support Disk Usage
  3. Crop Module:  Add Settings For Confirm Before Screenshot
  4. Main Icon:  Hide Automatically On Permission Setting Page On Android 6.0
  5. Many minor improvements.
0.7.4 2016.7.20 Changelog:
  1. FV Viewer:
    • Support Image.
    • Support Text (TXT, HTML, PDF for Android5.0+…)
    • Can Edit Txt
  2. FV Player:  Add Menu
  3. File Module:  Support Preview PDF (for Android 5.0+), HTML, …
  4. App Module:  Can Hide App From The List
  5. Crop Module:
    • UI Change
    • Improve Compatibility For Root Screenshot
    • Can Set Screenshot Format(jpg or png)
  6. UI:  Add Portuguese
  7. Many minor improvements.
0.7.3 2016.6.27 Changelog:
  1. Main Icon:  Can Ignore Click to avoid mistaken click
  2. Long Press Module:
    • Add Screenshot Button
    • Add Pin Button
    • Support Click to Start App
  3. File Module:
    • Support Preview Compressed Achieves
    • Support Open as
  4. Crop Module:
    • Support Barcode Recognition
    • Support Full screen Screenshot
    • Support Continuous Long Screenshots
  5. OCR Module:  Support Portuguese Library
  6. Many minor improvements.
0.7.2 2016.6.7 Changelog:
  1. Crop module:
  2. File module:
    • Support dozens of zip format files (zip, 7z, rar…)
    • GIF preview
  3. Security:  Can set disabled feature list for Lock screen
    • Improve screenshot performance
    • Fix black screenshot compatibility issue on Moto G(3 gen)
    • Support crop and set as main icon
    • Support call Google Translate App for translating
    • Support root screenshot for Android 4.4 and below
    • Add support for some URL types: link, mail, SMS …
  4. OCR module:  Support Indonesian and Arabic library
  5. App module:  One key installation/uninstallation feature only for rooted device
  6. Many minor improvements.
0.7.1 2016.5.13 Changelog:
  1. Floating Icon: Customize style, Doodle, Hide list
  2. File module: Support external SD card, Enable FV floating Player
  3. Crop module: Can screenshot on notifications now, improve performance
  4. OCR module: Add Vietnamese library
  5. App module: Property Preview feature
  6. Laboratory: A new hided feature for alpha testing
  7. Many minor improvements
0.7.0 2016.4.28 Changelog:
  1. Group in App module (It’s preview of group feature)
  2. Can draw simple lines on screenshot now
  3. Swipe down shortly to recent lists
  4. Add languages: Ukraine, Japanese
  5. Fix bugs “wrong weather/news websites list in some languages”
  6. Fix bugs “wrong icon position after playing video in full screen”
  7. Other minor improvements
  8. It’s the first stable fooView alpha version and will be on Google Play first time.
0.6.9 2016.4.20 Changelog:
  1. New long press app switcher, faster
  2. New app manager, custom the long press app list here
  3. New icon hide settings(Icon, Line, None)
  4. Two hands icon mode
  5. Improve Guide
  6. Add preview for screenshot
  7. Add 7 languages translations and OCR libs: Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Catalan, and Lithuanian. Thanks for all the translators in Crowdin!
  8. Fix compatibility issue “cannot adjust screen brightness in some third party player such as MX Player in icon hide mode”
  9. Fix issue “occasionally it will be in portrait mode while holding in landscape when auto-orientation is enabled”
  10. Optimize size, reduce 700k
  11. Minor improvements of File Preview Module
0.6.8 2016.4.5 Changelog:
  1. Local file preview module, herejust preview, a gift for my old ES users (Yes, I have said I would do somethingfor you. Because all code is rewritten from scratch, more powerful features areon their way). Note that I don’t mean to bring you another ES File Explorer, it’s totally new implementation with new ideasand mechanism, later you would find in fooView, all is connected. It’s just the time to change
  2. Add French and Italian UItranslations. Thank translators!
  3. Swipe back is smooth now
  4. Long press and hide will hidefloat icon in all apps now
  5. Support auto orientation
  6. Add Copy to Clipboard menu incrop dialog
  7. Other minor improvements
0.6.6 2016.3.24 Changelog:
  1. Improve Guide UI, add setting “set icon position“
  2. Make icon size smaller when keyboardpopup
  3. Can change float window size
  4. Add “all apps” in long press appswitcher
  5. Support ten language charactersrecognition(at most 3 at a time)
  6. Improve compatibility with someapps such as “Google Play Movie”
  7. Other minor improvements
0.6.2 2016.3.11 Changelog:
  1. Slide to unlock screen feature (only forno password native lock screen)
  2. Long press app switcher adds slide modeand dim background, you can switch slide and auto mode
  3. Add unhide icon for Hide feature
  4. Fix issue that ‘cannot guide to correctfloating window permission setting page on Nexus6p or other Huawei 6.0 devices’
  5. Fix issue that ‘it’s slow when I quit the app and start it again immediately’
  6. Fix issue that ‘cannot slide webpageimmediately after changing network’
  7. Some minor improvements
0.6 2016.3.2 Changelog:

Initial Alpha version release